Are you ready to lead the life you've always dreamed of? Do you stop yourself from taking steps you want to take because of fear or others talk you out of it? Are you trying to figure out who you are, instead of whom society expects you to be? We're here to help. We offer personal life coaching, transformational coaching programs, and mediation services for better communication in all relationships. Click here to learn more. 

Peer Services

Fit Young Minds is a developing community. Peer counseling coming soon!

What is a social worker? What is a psychologist? What is a psychiatrist? Who should go where? Click here to learn more. 

ealthy eating, exercise, down time. Fit Young Minds begin with eating healthy.

+Affects of bad food on your behavior +Healthful foods - good for the mind +Recipes for tasty healthy brain food +Healthful foods and hormones  +Affects of Exercise on your mood +Juice Plus Products

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for teens / young adults

Life can be challenging, especially while you are attempting to “figure out” life. You may feel like you don’t know what choices to make, or that don’t have any control. Maybe you feel like no one listens to you, that you don’t have a voice. You may feel happy & confident one minute, then sad and unconfident the next. There are many thoughts and feelings that run through your mind, it can be overwhelming. It’s important to know it is very natural to have all of these feelings.You can learn how to organize and manage your time so you can structure a life plan that will help you achieve your goals. Or, if you just want a non-judgmental sounding board to help you through a challenging time – this is the place to be. Check out our Groups page or contact a life coach.


Everything you share receives NO JUDGMENT and is strictly CONFIDENTIAL.PLEASE REMEMBER - Talk to your parents, a teacher, or other responsible adult if you ever feel urgency in needing assistance. Call 911 if you experiencing an emergency situation. Minor's must obtain a parent's authorization/signature for life coach services.

Do you feel like your child is unhappy, angry, disrespectful, or just struggling in life? FIT life coach can guide you to a better relationship with your child. While learning how to communicate effectively, you will also learn how to build up self-esteem so they can better handle the situations that can occur throughout their lifetime. A plus? You can use these skills in all of your relationships.

-We offer

Confidential life coach services

-We will listen to your concerns about your child. You will be given practical steps to address the concerns you may have, whether practical techniques, resources for self-education, resources for counseling, resources for medical personnel.



-How to really listen

-How to respond to your child

-How to encourage conversation between you and your child

-Setting healthy boundries

for parents sharing page! is a web series focused on bringing awareness of teens/young adults every day struggles, such as stress/anxiety, pressures from peers, parents, and teachers, family/relationships, bullying, LGBT+ identity, and body image. Click here to see others teens stories, and to share your stories that could help other teens/young adults. Let's get people talking about these daily issues, so we know we are not alone; so we can share and help others through our experience, so we can learn from others